In this Hindi video tutorial we have demonstrated you how to create powerful #text_portrait from photo in Affinity Photo.We have used Bollywood actor Respected #AkshayKumar¬† Photo.We have shown you other type of typographic portrait in photoshop.Let’s start in Affinity-

1.Make cutout of object for text portrait-

First open image in Affinity.Select Flood selection tool(w) and select object.Use Refine edge option and make cutout ready.Then crop image in square and apply black and white adjustment.Your photo is ready to use.

text portrait

2.Add text layer-

Select font American Captain and stroke white.You can use any word quotes.Type the sentence,Fill this on entire text layer.Group all text layers.

text portrait

3.Make final adjustments-

Select text layer and arrange it backward.With ctrl ,click on Akshay’s thumbnail and apply mask on text layer.

text portrait

Set opacity of Akshay’s photo to multiply.

text portrait

That’s it.Your text portrait is ready.

Link to download American captain font

Link to download Akshay Kumar’s image