Most photographers would agree that whenever possible getting the shot right in camera should be the goal.  However, there are going to be times when this is impossible or when mistakes are made.

Perhaps there is a distracting element in a scene that just can’t be avoided, or the horizon is a bit crooked in an otherwise gorgeous landscape shot.  Also, this tool is very useful for removing elements from a photo for the purpose of placing a new object in the forefront.

While not a perfect tool, the Content Aware Fill feature can save lots of time and effort.  These edits which could take hours of painstaking work with the Clone Stamp and Healing tools previously, can now be accomplished in mere minutes.


New Content-Aware tool that lets Photoshop examine the actual contents of your image as it tries to figure out the best way to remove or repair the damaged or unwanted area you’ve clicked on.This hindi spoken tutorial will help you to remove unwanted area from your photo to enhance it without much efforts and it will automatically set your background as original.You can use content aware tool in 3 different ways.You can also move your object without disturbing background.

1.Using Patch tool-

The Patch Tool is part of the healing brush set of tools. These are the go-to tools for retouching and repairing your images. The Patch Tool is primarily used to repair larger areas of an image, or get rid of any distractions or blemishes.

The patch tool was introduced into Photoshop at the same time as the Healing Brush. It is similar to the Healing Brush Tool, in that it matches the texture, lighting and shading of the sampled pixels to the source area. But, the Patch Tool uses selection-defined areas instead of a brush.

First you will need to use a selection tool, such as the lasso tool, to isolate the area that you would like to remove .If there are any shadows around the object that you would like to remove, be sure to include them within your selection so that all visible evidence of the unwanted element will be removed, select Patch tool from healing brush tool box(0.27-1.34 minutes)

2.Using Content aware fill-

Select the areas to be removed with the lasso tool, making sure that the selection is a bit larger than the subject to be removed.  Like the magic wand tool, you can select multiple areas ,Next, go to Edit>Fill and make sure to choose Content Aware in the drop-down menu..(1.35-3.39 minutes)

3.Using Content aware moov tool-

The Content-Aware Move tool taps the technologies behind Content-Aware Fill and the Clone Brush, allowing you to move elements within a scene while Photoshop automatically fills in the missing details. If used with care, the results can be seamless.

Select Content aware moov tool ,make selection through it,

You can use the Content-Aware Move tool in two modes:

  • Use the Move mode to place objects in different locations (most effectively when the background remains similar).
  • Use the Extend mode to expand or contract objects such as hair, trees, or buildings. To best extend architectural objects, use photos shot on a parallel plane, rather than at an angle.

(3.40-5.42 minutes)

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