This Hindi spoken video tutorial demonstrate you how to quickly make beautiful landscapes illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.Landscape scenes have been a popular subject for illustrators for some time now. They’re often associated with game development art, or just personal experimentation that provide that same wanderlust feeling as exploring the great outdoors for real.A common feature seen in here is how the use of vector graphics results in a unique crisp and stylized image, ranging from colorful ‘cartoon-like’ designs to more abstract and geometric illustrative works.

Steps to create landscape illustrations –

1.Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. I’m using dimensions of 1000x1000px with the RGB colour mode.

2.Draw a rectangle with color code 822626

3.Draw 6 circles using Shift+alt.The color codes are white,e8e818,dd806b,d3513c,ef73c3,ef86ea.


4.Draw a rectangle which covers sky with color code 40a4df.

5.Draw clouds-

Elsewhere on the artboard, draw a series of small circles with the Ellipse tool to represent a cloud.Fill in the bottom area with a rectangle to give it a straight edge, then select all the shapes and click the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel to merge them all together.

Copy and paste a series of clouds, then resize and position them across the sky.

6.draw birds with Paintbrush tool.Copy and paste few birds, then resize and position them across the sky.

7.draw rectangle which shows water with color code 3fa1d9.

How to make waves in water-

Use Mesh tool to create horizontal lines.

Use Direct selection tool and select anchor points on rows and change the color to light water shade 64b3d9.

Use Warp tool  allows you to quickly manipulate and deform image as waves.



8.How to draw buildings-

First draw a baseline with color code 420b1a.Then draw buildings with different shapes and sizez.Use tools to design them.Fill buidings with color 661c2c.Group all.

Repeat the step,just draw small buildings with color d17c7c.


9.Place both buidings on water end and copy them ,rotate to 180 degree.Apply the color 2185b7 to big buildings and 1b779b to small buildings.

landscape illustrations

10.Apply outer glow to first white circle.

11.Add new layer on top and draw a rectangle with no fill and no stroke.

12.Select both layers and select all by pressing ctrl+a ,go to object-clipping mask-make.


Wow…Your landscape is ready.

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