In this Hindi video tutorial you will learn how to create swirls #curves,florals through spiral tool in illustrator.

Draw spirals-

You can draw spirals,swirls and interesting shapes through spiral tool.

  • Select the Spiral tool .

  • Do one of the following:


    • Drag until the spiral is the desired size. Drag the pointer in an arc to rotate the spiral.
    • Click where you want the spiral to begin. In the dialog box, set any of the following options, and click OK. Screenshot (35) Screenshot (36)
    • RadiusSpecifies the distance from the center to the outermost point in the spiral.Decay

      Specifies the amount by which each wind of the spiral should decrease relative to the previous wind.


      Specifies how many segments the spiral has. Each full wind of the spiral consists of four segments.


      Specifies the direction of the spiral.

    Screenshot (34)

    Keyboard Shortcuts in Spiral tool-

    Alt-drag to Draw from the center of a shape.

    Start dragging, then Alt-drag,it Add or subtract winds from a spiral while increasing the length of the spiral.

    Start dragging then Ctrl-drag,it Change the decay rate of a spiral.

    Screenshot (37)

    Start dragging, then hold down F,to Flip a spiral, keeping the reference point constant.

    Start dragging, then press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow,Increase or decrease spiral segments.