In this step-by-step Hindi Illustrator video tutorial, you will learn how to make a photo realistic #vector orange using #Adobe Illustrator CC.We will cover lots of effects with detail explanation. You can create orange #illustration in 8 steps.Let’s start.

Step 1 Create triangle-

The first thing that we have to do is to create a triangle that is 2 inches wide by 3 inches high, then fill it with an orange color (R=252, G=175, B=23). Next, we apply an effect to make the corners round. To do this go to Effect > Stylize > Round Corners, and set the value to 0.5 in. Now go to menu Object > Expand Appearance.Triangle is ready.

orange illustration

Step 2 Make effects on triangle-

In this step we create the texture of the orange. Copy (Command + C) the object already created and paste it.Change the color of the fill to white. With this object selected, go to Effect > Texture > Stained Glass, and set values to: Cell Size of 45, Border Thickness of 10, and Light Intensity of 0.

orange illustration

Expand the same object (Object > Expand Appearance). Next, go to Object > Image Trace > Tracing Options as outline, and Expand it (Object > Expand).

To this last object with the Stained Glass effect, fill it with a white color, then Ungroup (Command + Shift + G) it. With this last object selected, go to Object > Path > Simplify, and set the Opacity to 60%. Apply a Gaussian Blur (Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur) with a Blur Radius set to 6.0 pixels. Finally, group these two objects.

orange illustration

Step 3 Make a triangles flower-

Now create the other pieces of the orange. Rotate the object by Alt-clicking to the position that we want to be the center of the orange, then in the window that appears set the Angle to 40º, and click in Copy. To create the other pieces we just repeat tha last action (Command + D) seven times.

orange illustration

group (Command + G) all triangles,copy and paste it.set the Opacity to 40% of last orange.Put another orange on that and we rotate a little so that it looks like the image below. Group all.Let’s make the orange look not so straight and give it a more natural look. Select the Pucker tool to retouch the whole object

Step 4 Create inner ellipse with pattern-

In this step we’ll form the edge of the orange.We will create 1 pattern. Create a group of ellipses

1’st ellipse-R 245,G 133,B 32

2’nd ellipse-R 250,G 160,B 22

3’rd ellipse-R 255,G 220,B 0

and group them.Add them to swatches pannel. Delete these ellipses.

orange illustration

Create ellipse which is covering triangles flower and then apply this swatch as stroke to  ellipse without fill. Lastly, set tha Opacity to 21%. 

orange illustration

Step 5 Create outer ellipse with gradient-

Create another ellipse (L) , then Send it to the back (Object > Arrange > Send to Back). With the object selected, go to the Gradient Panel and set the values as

Location 0 -255,255,255

Location 40 -255,252,240

Location 70 -255,248,192

Location 85 -255,245,100

Location 100 -245,128,30

orange illustration

Step 6 Complete internal orange-

Place inner ellipse on outer ellipse.Put flower on that and select everything (Command + A) and Group (Command + G) it. Change only the width of our orange to 5.5 inches and height 7 inches.

orange illustration

Step 7 Make outer body of orange-

After that we create an ellipse (L) with a width of 5.5 inches and a height of 7 inches, then fill it with a orange color (R= 245, G=130, B=32).

Draw a vertical line that intersects in the middle of the ellipse that we just created, then go to the Pathfinder Panel, click Divide, and then Ungroup (Command + Shift + G) the result. Place 1 semi ellipse on orange.Apply texture grains effect.Place this semi ellipse behind orange.Select all ,group them and rotate it in sense to show perfect orange.

orange illustration

Step 8 Make shadow of orange-

At last,We create an ellipse with a width and height of 5.5 inches, then fill it with a radial gradient (center, R=100, G=100, B=100; edge R=255, G=255, B=255). Change the height to 1.2 inches and send it to the back of the orange. 

orange illustration

That’s it.Your orange looks perfect.

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