In this Hindi video #tutorial we demonstrated you how to make a #comic book #cartoon effect from ordinary photo in Photoshop CC.Its amazing #popart.We have added filters such as poster edges,Cutout and color halftone.

We will do this in 4 stages as

Step 1 -Crop and convert to smart object(0:58 minutes)

I have taken Hollywood celebrity Selena’s Photo.Open it in Photoshop CC.


Screenshot (59)


We need to apply filter color halftone.For that image must have height of 1000 px and 150 resolution.Go to Image-image size and set according to given values.Crop image.In layers panel,Right click on layer and convert it to smart object.

Step 2 -Apply filters(2:11 minutes)

Go to filter gallery,Select Poster edges from artistic filters,set values according to image.

Poster Edges

Reduces the number of colors in an image (posterizes it) according to the posterization option you set, and finds the edges of the image and draws black lines on them. Large broad areas have simple shading, and fine dark detail is distributed throughout the image.

Set opacity to 70%.

Screenshot (64)


Go to filter gallery,Select cutout from artistic filters,set values according to image.


Makes an image appear as though it were constructed from roughly cut pieces of colored paper. High-contrast images appear as if in silhouette, and colored images are built up from several layers of colored paper.

 Set opacity to 70%.

Screenshot (65)

Go to Pixelate,Select Color halftone,set values according to image.

Apply Color Halftone to comic

Simulates the effect of using an enlarged halftone screen on each channel of the image. For each channel, the filter divides the image into rectangles and replaces each rectangle with a circle. The circle size is proportional to the brightness of the rectangle.

Apply blend mode soft light and Set opacity to 70%.

Screenshot (66)

Step 3 – draw shape,write text(4:58 minutes)

Draw shape from shape tool and type a text in it.Apply layer style to text.

Screenshot (67)

Step 4 -Place frame on image (7:37 minutes)

Place frame on image.Use Magic wand tool to delete the inner white area.

Screenshot (62)

Transform it.

Yippee!!! your comic image is ready.

Screenshot (61)

To read more about filters-


Download image

Download font

Download Frame