In this Hindi Video tutorial,I will teach you how to convert our black and white Typographic Portrait to Colorful Typographic Portrait.Its very simple.

Open Black and white Typographic Portrait in Photoshop.

Screenshot (57)

Add new layer on this layer and fill it with White color.

Put colorful image on top.Make white layer and colorful layer’s visibility off.

Screenshot (56)

Select Typographic Portrait layer.Press Ctrl+i to invert colors.

Screenshot (55)

Press Ctrl+a to select all,Ctrl+c to copy image.Ctrl+d to deselect.Make white layer and colorful layer’s visibility on.

Add Layer mask on Colorful layer.Press Alt and select layer mask.Now Place Portrait image by pressing Ctrl+v.

Now click on colorful image

Great!! your Colorful Typographic Portrait is ready.

Screenshot (54)


Link to download Colorful image

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