As I was thinking of making more advance tutorials, maybe its time to make a quick simple tutorial where beginners can easily figure how it was done. Previous video I taught you #textportrait,we have wrote little text on photo.In this tutorial you’ll gonna learn how to create a #Typographic ┬áPortrait in Photoshop. We will use two methods-

1.You will learn how to make a text follow into a path with the use of Pen Tool (P) in more artistic way.

2.You can resterize text layer and transform it in different ways.

You can use the image below.The download link is given below.

Screenshot (47)

Open image in Photoshop.Convert it into black and white sketch portrait.Set opacity to 80% to lighten it.

Screenshot (49)

Step 1-Eyes typography portrait-03:49

Choose Pen Tool (P). Start creating a path from right to left.Now Start typing a text.I used American captain regular font. I use Fortune Favors The Bold on this sample repeatedly.Lets adjust the size and tracking of the fonts so it will occupied the darker part of our image since we are using the darker part of the image as our guide to create our portrait.
To work on the eye lens, Choose Ellipse Tool (U) and start creating a circle. Once your done adjust the circle using Direct Selection Tool (A).Create eyebrow in same pattern.Whenever you need to shape text ,resterize it and transform-use warp option.Group all layers.

repeat the same process on the nose,mouth and hair. Again make sure to use the darker part on the image as the guide on making the path.

Step 2–Nose Typography-21:11
Step 3-Lips typography-23:04
Screenshot (48)

Step 4-Face typography-28:17
Step 5 -Hairs Typography-30:49

Screenshot (46)
step 6-Dress typography-43:09
Step 7-Final effects-44:31


Screenshot (50)

Now make sketch layer invisible and create new layer on that.Fill it with white color.Apply some Gradiant effect on lips,Bevel effect on dimples.

Wow!!! your amazing Typographic Portrait is ready.

wordpress 600 face text portrait


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