In this quick Photoshop Hindi Video tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a quick wood burning portrait in Photoshop. I will dedicate this to our honorable Prime minister @NarendraModi sir.You can carve any type of photo in wood

Step 1(1.30-4.44 minutes) Prepare Photocopy of Image with dark outline and detail features-

First open the wood texture you want in Photoshop.Open the photo.Duplicate it by pressing ctrl+j.

Make original layer’s visibility off through layer box.To make it black and white,Go to Image-Adjustment-Desaturate (shift+ctrl+u).Duplicate it by pressing ctrl+j.We will create 2 photocopy of image.

Then go to Filter gallery-Sketch-Photocopy ,set detail to high,darkness full.

Screenshot (17)

Then make original black and white layer active and apply same filter with lower detail.Use Pencil tool with white color to erase unnecessary portion.

Make dark photocopy layer active and apply layer mask,use pencil tool with black color on eyes and some area to reveal details of detail photocopy.Select both photocopy and merge it by pressing ctrl+e.


Screenshot (16)

Then paste this photocopy on wood texture,transform it.

Step 2(4.45-6.15 minutes)Place outline Sketch on wood-

Select color range -shadows,press ok.It will show you selection ,make photocopy invisible.Create new layer on that,Go to Edit-Fill,Fill selection with black color.Deselect by pressing ctrl+d.
You can see your photo on wood,do some adjustments.Use Eraser tool to erase any scars.

Step 3(6.16-8.02 minutes)Apply layer styles to show burn effect –

Duplicate the sketch by pressing ctrl+j.On bottom layer apply gaussian blur,set blending mode to overlay.On top layer,set blending mode to soft light and reduce fill.Double click on layer to open Layer style,Apply Bevel and emboss,apply settings.Click ok.

Screenshot (14)
Go to Layers menu-Flatten image.
Ohh!wow..Photo in wood….Now your wooden burn potrait is ready.Save it as jpg.


Read more about layer styles in Photoshop-

Link to download wood texture
Link to download Modi’s Photo