#Illustrator is most useful for drawing #vector Shapes.You can draw cartoon #Illustrations #Artwork or any vector shapes.In this Hindi tutorial We demonstrated you how to draw and color cartoon.

How to draw cartoons-

Step1- Draw cartoon on paper.If you are not good at drawing you can take ready images also.

Step 2-Scan that handmade image into computer and open in Illustrator.

#draw cartoons in #illustrator

Step 3-Set that image as Template so it will look dim and you can easily trace out.Use Paintbrush tool and make outline of image.

#draw cartoons in #illustrator

Step 4- Select all brush strokes,go to object-Expand appearance,again go to object-Expand.Go to Object-Live paint-make,again go to object-Live paint-Expand.It will convert all your brush strokes to shapes and strokes are not editable now.If you want to remove extra stroke just click that shape and press delete.

draw #cartoons in #illustrator

Step 5- Your cartoon trace is ready,now fill it will your favorite colors.

Painting methods


Illustrator provides two methods of painting:

  • Assigning a fill, stroke, or both to an entire object
  • Converting the object to a Live Paint group and assigning fills or strokes to the separate edges and faces of paths within it.

Paint a cartoon using Live Paint group


With the Live Paint method, you paint more like you would with a traditional coloring tool, without regard to layers or stacking order, which can make for a more natural workflow. All objects in a Live Paint group are treated as if they are part of the same flat surface. This means you can draw several paths and then color separately each area enclosed by these paths (called a face). You can also assign different stroke colors and weights to portions of a path between intersections (called an edge). The result is that, much like a coloring book, you can fill each face and stroke each edge with a different color. As you move and reshape paths in a Live Paint group, the faces and edges automatically adjust in response.

Select all shapes,convert it to group,go to live paint-make.Now pick live paint bucket ,choose color shade and apply to each part.Fill entire cartoon with basic coloring.


Step 6-After basic color,its time to add gradient to your cartoon.Select all ,ungroup it.Select one part,open gradient panel,choose color shades and adjust gradient accordingly.Apply same procedure for entire cartoon.

draw #cartoons in #illustrator

Your vector cartoon is ready.You can export it to different formats.


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