In this Hindi video tutorial we will learn how to create a #doubleExposure effect in #AdobePhotoshop, which is based on the authentic image mixing multiple technique used by Photographers, where two photographs are exposed onto the same film to blend two images together.

This is kind of a Photo mixing really simple version of what you can do with this effect. I will show you how to blend two images properly and remove the unnecessary parts of the background so that your images look more professional and beautiful.

Create Image mixing using Double exposure effect-

step 1-

Take a human closeup photo with plain background.Select face with quick selection tool,right click and set feather to 5 px.Make layer via copy.


Create a New Layer below the cut-out portrait and fill it with neutral white color using the Paint Bucket Tool (G).


Step 2-

Let’s select the second photo for our composition. This can be some nice flower shot or cityscape, or anything abstract and intricate.I took a building photo.

Place the image of the building above the model’s portrait.


Keeping the building layer selected, press the Control key on model’s layer thumbnail.Click on the building layer and add layer mask on it.. You will see the marching ants selection of the model’s silhouette on the building layer.


Select the layer which contains the cutout portrait. Make a copy (Control-J) and drag and drop it above the building layer.

Right-click on the portrait layer mask and we can Apply Layer Mask in the dropdown menu. Change the Blending Mode of the portrait layer to lighten in the Layers panel. We can already see that the desired double exposure effect appears! 


Let’s make the image more surrealistic by editing  the portrait. Take the Brush Tool (B) and Select the Layer Mask of the model’s layer, set the Fill color to black and paint softly over the part of the head and body area , thus erasing the unwanted parts of the head and adding some air in the top part of the image. This makes the image look perfect blending.


Wow!!! your Double exposure effect is ready.

Link to download model’s image

Link to download building’s image