In this Hindi video tutorial ,we have demonstrated #Smoke #dispersion effect in Photoshop CC.Creativity is needed in making #PhotoEffects.We will create smoke effect in 3 steps-

Step 1-Make cutout of subject-

Open image in photoshop.Make selection of object using quick selection tool and apply select and mask.Refine edges of selection.Make output to new layer with layer mask.Now cutout of object will be displayed as new layer with layer mask.Select layer mask by pressing alt.Fill layer mask with white color.Duplicate the layer by pressing ctrl+j.

smoke effect in photoshop

Step 2-Apply liquify tool to subject-

Select bottom layer and use Liquify tool.Expand the image using Forward warp tool.Press ok.

smoke effect in photoshop

Step 3-Apply smoke effect to image-

Use smoke brushes.You can create hearts,rounds,triangles,smoky air as you like.Set foreground color to black and apply smoke brushes on top layer’s layer mask..Atlast,Select simple brush ,set foreground color to white and erase unnecessary parts.

smoke effect in photoshop

Wow!! your photo with smoke effect is ready.

smoke effect in photoshop

Link to download image used in this tutorial

Link to download smoke brushes 1

Link to download smoke brushes 2

Link to watch liquify tool tutorial