Caricatures #cartoon are a fun alternative to traditional portraits. The idea is to comically exaggerate particular features to create a humorous representation of that person. Photoshop includes some powerful tools to help you manipulate photos. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a caricature portrait from a photo using many of Photoshop’s advanced editing tools. In the process, you will learn how to use Adobe Camera RAW to make some global adjustments, how to use Photoshop’s transformation and Liquify tools to alter the appearance of the portrait, how to apply smudge tool to the image, and much more to give your portrait a cartoon or comic look. Let’s get started!

Cartoon in Photoshop

Step 1-Paste Subject on different background.(2.05-4.47 minutes)

Use the selection technique of your choice—I used the Quick Selection Tool (W) to craft the selection—and then go to Layer > New > Layer Via Copy (Control-J) to create a cutout layer of the man.

Create new layer ,fill the color using Edit-fill.Apply layer style -Gradient overlay.Background is ready.

Screenshot (22)

Step 2-Apply Liquify tool to image(4.48-9.57 minutes)

In earlier versions,for creating caricatures we need to select each body part and need to transform individual all layers.But now,Photoshop CC provides you Liquify tool with enhanced version.In this you need to scroll the bar to transform body parts.

First select the body of image ,save selection and make new layer using ctrl+J .Rename that layer as body.

Then load selection and make it inverse using shift+ctrl+I and make new layer using ctrl+J .Rename that layer as face.Convert it to smart object.

Transform both layers using ctrl+t.Apply liquify tool on face,select face tool,scroll bars to make face funny.Apply liquify tool 2-3 times.

A common caricature technique is to make the head extremely large in proportion to the body.

Screenshot (24)

Step 3-Apply smudge tool on image(9.58-12.53 minutes)

You can also apply oil paint filter ,just your computer must have photoshop supported graphics card/Processors.

Read more about Graphics card-

Select both layers and merge them using ctrl+e. Grab the Smudge Tool with a Brush Size around 40 pixels. Set the Strength to 80% and uncheck the Sample All Layers option. Then begin smudging along the major features of the image. Follow along with the natural grain of the skin to keep the appearance very fluid.It will convert natural skin to poster.Set strength to 30% for hairs smudging.

Step 4-Apply effects on image(12.54-15.02 minutes)

Goto Image-Adjustments-Shadows/Highlights,Set the values according to skin tone.

Select camera raw filter and enhance the Image. Goto Filter gallery-Textures-Mosaic tiles.You can choose different filters also.Make stamp visible layer by pressing shift+ctrl+alt+I.Save it as jpg.

Screenshot (23)

Done!Your cartoon is ready.

And now you are finished! Behold your amazing photo caricature work. Now take these techniques and go apply them to photos of your friends and family to create some fun, unique, and personal portraits!

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