In this quick Photoshop Hindi Video tutorial, we’ll learn how to carve text,Shape on wood  in Photoshop. We are going to change only the blending option on our text. You can use the same technique for other textures. Keep in mind that you have to change the values for different image resolutions and textures.

Step 1(0.55-3.30) Type text/Shape on wood-

First open the texture you want in Photoshop.Write anything you want over the texture. Just pick the Text Tool (T) on your toolbox.You can draw shapes using Shape tool. I used a Wood stamp font.

Step 2(3.31-11.58) Set Layer style-

The important step is to change the blending option of the text. If your image resolution is different then you have to experiment with higher or lower values to achieve exactly the same effect. To change the blending options go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options and use the settings below:

1.Set Layer Blending style to Overlay and remove the fill.

Screenshot (6)

2) Bevel & Emboss-


Screenshot (7)

3) Inner Shadow

Screenshot (8)

4) Color Overlay

Screenshot (9)

5) Gradient Overlay

Screenshot (10)

6) Drop shadow

Screenshot (11)


Step 3(11.59-13.36) Adjustments-

Apply Gradient adjustment to merge all layers.

Screenshot (12)

Set Brightness/Contrast.

Screenshot (13)

And you have made a wood carving all by yourself inside Photoshop!You can carve shape on wood also in same way.


Read more about layer styles in Photoshop-

Link to download Wood texture

Link to download Woodstamp font