In this hindi Video tutorial ,we have demonstrated you how to use #Develop persona to edit your raw images in affinity photo.Its like a work space with specific tools needed to enhance your raw images.You will learn all tools and settings of develop persona.

Develop Persona in Affinity Photo-

Start Affinity Photo, close the introductory splash screen, and use the File/Open… command to open your RAW file.This opens your RAW image in Develop mode (Persona), with the range of tools available under five different tab headings, in the righthand panel, from Basic to Overlays.By default the image should be scaled to fit the size of the window (shortcut Cmd-0), giving you a good overall view of the effects of changes made to the image. At the top left of the image is a blue button labelled Develop – that is the button which you click once you are happy with your development of the image.

#Develop persona in #AffinityPhoto

#Develop persona in #AffinityPhoto

Using the Basic panel, adjust the controls to tweak your image to look the way that you want it to. Once you are happy, move on to the Details panel, and any further panels which you wish to use. To adjust Details, you will probably want to zoom in to bring the image to 100% (Cmd-1) and move around the image to satisfy yourself that you are not oversharpening it, but are capturing details optimally.

To apply these changes, click on the blue Develop button. This will take you out of Developmode into general Photo mode (Persona), where you can make any other changes that you wish to, using the many tools offering in the panels at the right.

Once you are ready to export the finished image, click on the Export tool (Persona) at the top left. The righthand panel now changes to provide Export Options.


Photo credits: Mr.Saurabh Mehta