In this hindi video tutorial we have explained the benefits of using Affinity Photo with examples.

#Affinity Photo was released over a year ago on Mac OS X. Its success on the App Store definitely shows how great the software truly is. It is also proof that people are looking at different options than the traditional Adobe workflow. Until now, one thing refrained many: Affinity Photo was available only on the Apple platform. But today is a new day and the software is now Windows compatible.

affinity photo vs photoshop

Affinity Photo is made available in beta version for Windows and includes all the features of the Mac build up to the 1.5 release. It makes it all the more interesting because a few very useful features were left out until now and made the transition from Photoshop quite difficult for professionals needing a fast workflow. The 1.5 version includes Macros (an equivalent to Photoshop’s actions), Focus Stacking, advanced HDR merging in 32 bits, batch processing, as well as a new way to edit 360-degree images. So the app is catching up on some features it was lacking and even adds new possibilities.

Affinity Photo is a powerful photo post-processing program for the Mac and windows platform, combining raw conversion, photo retouching and enhancement, and compositing. I thought to introduce this new software and making tutorials in this.Each tutorial helps unlock another of Affinity Photo’s capabilities, from its raw conversion and editing controls to its advanced selection tools, image enhancement features, filters and special effects, and compositing features. Whether you want to change the look of a photograph, scale and crop images, or create complex photo manipulation, each adjustment is completely nondestructive, allowing you to retain quality and incorporate additional effects as you go. To help Photoshop users who may be considering Affinity Photo,I will also compare and contrast the two applications.

The interface is very intuitive and is close to enough to Photoshop that you don’t have to learn a new software from the start. There are a few shortcuts that are not exactly similar, but it’s not always a bad thing to change our customs.

Biggest reason to switch on Affinity Photo-


Every Professional graphic designer needs Licensed software.The cost for license of Adobe Photoshop software is $19.99 per month,its regular subscription. Whereas in $49 you will get Affinity Photo for lifetime.No subscriptions.

You can take 10 days trial also.

Affinity photo has many superb features over Photoshop-


Affinity provides you 5 personas as photo,Liquify, Develope, Tone mapping,Export.All necessary tools are placed in related persona.

3.All layers work as smart object means it behaves in non-destructive manner.

4.New adjustments layers.

5.Live Gradient-You can see live gradient while drawing it.

6.Blemish removal tool-You can remove blemishes in just 1 click.

7.Live Blending modes-There are 30 types of blendings and you can see them live.

8.Live brushes-When you apply mask on back layer ,you can see those colors in brush mode.

affinity photo vs photoshop

9. Impainting brush tool-Similar to content aware tool in Photoshop,you can remove object and make same surrounding.

affinity photo vs photoshop

10.Frequency seperation-You can see images in high and low frequency.

11.Less RAM-Affinity uses 4 times less RAM than Photoshop.

12.Full HDR merge support

13. 3600  image editing

14. Recordable macros-You can record macros similar to Photoshop.

15.Batch processing

16.Image stack

17.Stock-you can download hd images.

18.You can work on any color space like greyscale, RGB, Black and white.

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