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Review for Photoshop
Easy explanation

You have explained everything in simple way…easy to understand..great article

Review for Photoshop
Superb work

The kind of efforts you have put in is commendable. great work! Simple explanation makes it easier to understand graphic designing tools. keep up the good work!

Review for Photoshop

Very creative way of teaching. I like the idea of videos being taught in Hindi,which enhances the clarity and makes it easy to understand and learn… Great work Ekta… Keep going!!

Review for Illustrator

It is very excellent job.This site is best for learning graphics designing softare in hindi.Each & every things,tools are explained in easiest way.

Review for Photoshop

wonderful videos that explain photoshop in simple manner. It not just teaches you photoshop but takes you directly to change photos that you have with you without wasting time.